Angela leads Shift 7 Leadership’s career transition programs after working with senior corporate leaders and hiring managers for over 12 years. Through the development of talent acquisition, new employee onboarding, and intern programs, she’s helped organizations find top talent and deliver a transformative candidate experiences.

Her experience as a staffing consultant and learning, development and recruiting specialist offers real-world insight for a successful career transition. Her approach balances bright optimism with pragmatic solutions. With a keen understanding of people and attention to detail, she offers both motivation to take positive steps toward reaching a goal and a plan to reach it. The number of college interns who have prospered to become top performers in their field is a direct reflection of Angela’s dedication and organizational skills.

Prior to joining Shift 7 Leadership, Angela delivered the right candidates for the right opportunities across multiple business functions, orchestrated transitional programs for new hires and was instrumental in the development of intern mentoring opportunities, connecting college interns with corporate leaders.