We are each the leader of our own lives.

When applied to the world of work, leadership is the only differentiator; it is the choice to becoming our best. Founded on this single precept, Shift 7 Leadership is a leadership development firm providing professional and organizational programs to individuals and companies in Northeast Florida. We partner with leaders on their way to becoming their best, are facing change and want to successfully manage transition to lead their career or organization toward a clear objective.

Shift 7 Leadership Team

Our programs focus on

  • Transitioning Leaders
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Performance Improvement
  • Career Coaching

Clients engage in a personalized process to

  • Understand new perspectives
  • Apply new words and actions
  • Develop new competencies
  • Claim a new level of confidence, persuasion and influence
  • Measure the difference

Shift 7 creates the sign for &. When combined with leadership, we are reminded that each step forward toward reaching our goal is more powerful when reinforced with leadership.

Take your next step and lead with us.